Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Unforgettable Week of Basketball

Friday we traveled to Ness City to watch Mason's game.  And best of all my best friend forever lives there so we were also able to spend some time with Terri & her family.

After the games at Ness were over .... the bus had broke down, they borrowed a bus from Ness only to find out it's tail lights didn't work so they had to swicth busses again.  Mason finally got home at 1:30 am.  And when he wakes me up to let me know he's home ... he says "and someone grabbed my bag off the bus" so he doesn't have his uniform, shoes, brace, or anything for the tournament they are to play at Norton the next day.

The bag was found AFTER I had made multiple phone calls and had all the Ness City busses checked .... had Terri ready to meet me in WaKeeney.  BUT the boys were leaving at 8:30 and I had finally resorted to the fact that I was going to stay home and clean the house.  THEN Mason calls and says his bag is in Monument.  I take off to go pick up his bag, pick Stan up in town, drop Dane off at Mom's and we take off for Norton.  Thankfully, there were no law enforcement officers patrolling between here and there.  We made it in good time and Mason was dressed and ready to warm up 41 seconds before the game before theres ended.  The boys ended up placing 3rd!

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