Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What a girl!!!

Nicole debated and contemplated & changed her mind many times.  But the girl who has had her hair long ... FOREVER ... decided that she would donate her gorgeous locks to those who have lost theirs.  10" later and this is what we have.  The one comment made was it would be nice to know who her hair went to after it was made in to a wig.  Now, it's time to send the envelope to Locks of Love

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's not the team

We are Payton fans & with that ... Go Broncos!

Snow Days

This is how much I love freezer meals!!!!

We have a snow day & I make 3 more freezer meals to have on hand.  How I managed life with this before, I'm really not sure.  I LOVE IT.

Here's a new recipe!!!  Thanks to my dear friend, Stacy, for sharing it :-)

Hamburger Rice Casserole
1 lb hamburger, brown & drain
1 can cream of mushroom soup
      (I use my homemade cream of something soup I found on Pinterest)
1 can Italian stewed tomatoes
      (I blended them up in the blender so the kids wouldn't "see" tomatoes)
1 cup of rice (uncooked)

Mix everything except the cheese in pan and cook on stove until boiling (first bubbles I saw, I pulled off!) Put in 9x13 pan, add desired amount of cheese to top.  Bake on 375 for 20-30 minutes.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fun First!

It's been practiced & thought about ... the opportunity finally arrived. Mason stole the ball just past half court and headed down the court ahead of the pack. He finally got to dunk the ball in a game :-)

And all the thanks for capturing the moment goes to Carrie Towns Photography for being there with her camera!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I hate the "crud."  I've battled it off and on all winter.  Last week ... the week we actually had no activities going on, I started coughing.  Dane started coughing.  It was absolutely miserable.  The kind you can't sleep at night, no one else sleeps much either because all you hear is us coughing.  And NOTHING would make it stop ... trust me I tried.  Prescriptions, home remedies, vicks on the feet, pinterest recipes ... you name it, I tried it.

I finally gave up after 7 days and decided that I was stuck in a perpetual state of no sleep due to cough.  So Saturday night I decided I was going to quit taking anything and everything.  I still coughed Saturday night but on Sunday (still taking NOTHING) I took a 2 hour nap, slept all night the last 2 nights with minimal coughing.  Same thing with Dane ... he didn't cough much Saturday night.

Isn't it amazing ... our minds are trained that we need medicine to "fix" ailments and guess what worked for us ~ taking NOTHING.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

MCL Basketball Tournament

A big THANK YOU to Carrie Towns Photography for coming to the game.  She does an amazing job with her sports sessions ... absolutely worth it.  Mason spent some time on the bench in foul trouble and I still have 90 amazing pictures of him playing during this game.  Plus, it was a first round win for the boys 62-55 over Ellis.  Slow start, but the boys never gave up and fought back.  So fun watching them play!  So many more pictures, if you want to browse through them, let me know and I'll share the link to them all.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Had a fun weekend in Lawrence/Topeka taking these 3 to the basketball game.  Dane's first experience at Allen Field House was all I had hoped it to be :-)
We supported our Cats in the sea of red & blue even though they didn't play very well
My boys
We hung around after the game waiting for Marcus Foster ... since he is from Wichita Falls, TX we had to get a quick picture for my niece, Lydsie cause she lives there.