Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner

So, I have no before, during, or after picture (or this would so be a Pinterest pin, lol) BUT I came across the best stovetop cleaner after finding one *on Pinterest, of course* that said to use baking soda and peroxide. 

Mine works better, haha.  But sprinkle baking soda all over and then use a water bottle and mist spray until the baking soda is wet.  Let sit for a little bit & then take a paper towel .... little bit (not much) of elbow grease and rub.  Viola, cleanest my stove has been in a long time.  And one of the burners had some pretty nasty burns on it!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

calving season

Love this time of year ~ checking cows and finding calves. Dane is already asking if his cow and heifer calved...let's hope soon. He can be a little impatient.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

She’s a future ChEeRlEaDeR





Abby performed with the cheerleaders at the middle school basketball game.  They wowed the crowd with a couple cheers and a dance. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

puzzles, puzzles & more puzzles

Abby's favorite passtime at Gramma's. And they have to stay on the table every day so she can work on them after school!! 

New Look

Nicole calls this her Granny Gown. She loved it...and I'm sharing it just because it's too hilarious not to!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Music to my ears ....

"not much change" "no significant progression" pretty much sums up the news again today for Abby at Children's.  VeRy GoOd news.  It's a keep stretching .... swimming still the best therapy ... kind of appointment.  One of the biggest noted things is that because of the deformity's in her feet her shoes are rubbing on the top of her foot and she has a bruise.  Simple fix is when we buy her shoes ... if she measures a size 2, we buy a size 3.  Those things I can handle.  Surgery is also a given, BUT it is a long way down the road ... and that's another story in itself.  They do want her wearing her braces more ... she doesn't like that idea & they showed her some other types of brace/orthodic.  At least these didn't come up to the back of her knee like the ones they showed last year.

SO for now .... we are focusing on the good news and not dwelling on anything else. PLUS ... her & Daddy day tripped it and Abby wants to go shopping for her American Girl Dolls.  I agree ~ the boys can go to The Stock show while the girls go spend a little bit of money in Park Meadows!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Abby has her checkup at Children's tomorrow in Denver. For the first time since her Charcot Marie Tooth diagnosis, I am not going...just Daddy. It will be fine ... but not going is just killing me.

Today I also learned what a sesamoid bone is .... Mason has a stress fracture in his.  He was fortunate enough to get out of wearing a boot ~ got fitted for an orthodic and is still playing basketball.  We'll see how this goes?!?!?!