Friday, January 6, 2012

Music to my ears ....

"not much change" "no significant progression" pretty much sums up the news again today for Abby at Children's.  VeRy GoOd news.  It's a keep stretching .... swimming still the best therapy ... kind of appointment.  One of the biggest noted things is that because of the deformity's in her feet her shoes are rubbing on the top of her foot and she has a bruise.  Simple fix is when we buy her shoes ... if she measures a size 2, we buy a size 3.  Those things I can handle.  Surgery is also a given, BUT it is a long way down the road ... and that's another story in itself.  They do want her wearing her braces more ... she doesn't like that idea & they showed her some other types of brace/orthodic.  At least these didn't come up to the back of her knee like the ones they showed last year.

SO for now .... we are focusing on the good news and not dwelling on anything else. PLUS ... her & Daddy day tripped it and Abby wants to go shopping for her American Girl Dolls.  I agree ~ the boys can go to The Stock show while the girls go spend a little bit of money in Park Meadows!!!

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  1. We will continue to pray for no progress. I hope she find some neat accessories for her American Girl dolls. :-)