Friday, August 17, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Hard to believe our "summer" is basically over. 

Mason is still on his crutches, gets to toss them away the first day of school.  And maybe, just maybe .... he will be release from knee surgery at the START of basketball season :) A ray of hope from the news of after the first of the year.  In the meantime, he is completely bored and standing around everyday at football practice.

Nicole has started volleyball.  I am very pleased with her.  And she is adapting and everynow and then I hear "Coach Mom"

Dane has decided to play football again this year.  He debated & debated and now is all kinds of excited. 

Abby is going with the flow with our busy lives and getting ready for 3rd grade.  This is the first year; however, that she says "I'm not ready for school to start." So she has hit that milestone that all the other kids have.  But that's ok .... I'm not ready for school to start either.

As for all my new adventures this year ~ I am flat tired.  First week of practice, juggling work & home.  I have not quite adjusted to the routine, but will get there (eventually).

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  1. Summer passed by way too fast...glad we got to spend some time with you & your family!