Monday, October 15, 2012

Condensed Update

OK, I am extremely far behind on this.  I will try and do better, but no promises.  So .... here is our last 2 months in a nut shell .... maybe some follow-ups with pictures.  But I am making no promises.

Mason ... the most exciting thing that has happened ~ TODAY Dr. Bazaz gave him the go ahead to play basketball as soon as it starts.  And he can start conditioning and getting back in to shape.

Nicole ... did very well in volleyball this year.  And then her foot swelled up and we discovered she has a stress fracture and is in a boot for a few weeks.

Dane ... He turned 10.  We will be celebrating it on Dec. 1 when we are in Manhattan watching the Wildcats vs. Longhorns.  Played Little Kids Football & is contemplating whether or not he'll go out for wrestling.

Abby ... Turned 9 and got a camera for her birthday.  She has been a picture taking fool.  Her flash is driving the rest of us nuts :) but she loves it so it's worth it.

Stan & I ~ well nothing much has changed there.  Still work, kids, work, kids, work, kids, etc.

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